See us at High Times Cannabis Cup in Sonoma, CA

May 30, 2017

High Times NorCal Cannabis Cup 2017

We are excited to announce that will have an exhibit at NorCal High Times  Cannabis Cup this weekend (Jun 3-4) at the Sonoma County Fairground. This will be the first time ever for Annie and I to be at this event.  In fact, it would be the first ever Cannabis related event we go to.  We decided to go after a great success at the Bay Area Maker Faire last weekend. We sold a lot of our Cannabis Keepers and customized vacuum pumps. So we thought - what the heck - let go to the real thang! And nothing is as real (or surreal for us newbies) as the High Times Cannabis Cup.

We will introduce our MOMS (Moisture & Oxygen Management System) for Cannabis. The MOMS 8 oz Cannabis Keepers that will come with 8 gram of 62%RH Boveda pack and  400 ml Mitsubishi oxygen absorbers - nitrogen flushed and lightly vacuumed to ensure tightness and full strength oxygen absorbing power. It is simply the best way for keeping Cannabis good and mold-free.

If you happen to be at this event, please drop by and say HI.  Maybe we can turn you on to MOMS for Cannabis or beer hops or anything that is susceptible to destruction by moisture and oxygen - most things are. The kicker here is that for MOMS to work, you need a fresh Boveda humidipaks and oxygen absorbers and MOMS is also essential for keeping them fresh, conveniently.  How cool is that!

So as more and more folks will be homegrowers, they will need MOMS to cure and keep their harvest good, potent and mold-free.  So the future of Cannabis is MOMS!

Cheers to that!