About us




I came from Vietnam at 17 to attend Sacramento State University in Northern California. When the war ended in 1975, I became a refugee and eventually an American citizen. Now as a semi retired inventor/maker with 7 granted and 2 pending US patents, I am devoting my time to produce and invent products to control oxygen, moisture and pressure (COMP) in containers that we use and rely on everyday. If we can "comp" our containers, we can keep many things we love (like wine, coffee, olive oil, cannabis...) good much longer and we can make better beer, wine, sauerkraut...and many other good things.

I employ a great deal of HCMT (Ho Chi Minh Trail) technology/philosophy in my inventions to get the biggest bang for the buck. You will find that out as you use my products. I just love seeing people benefit from my innovations!

Trong Nguyen