KIGLAB is our very own hacker/maker space where cool and crazy ideas are tossed around and 3D printers are buzzing all night long. Needless to admit, a lot of bad ideas came through there. But that's how innovative solutions, techniques or prototypes happen.

Some of the projects we are working on are:

  1. Best way to cure cannabis with water
  2. The simplest and best way to open jars with really stubborn lids
  3. Simple and cheap way to keep brewing beer cool at the peak of fermentation
  4. Making great IPA beer in one hour with one pot and use very little water or clean up time. We are very happy with our methodology after 8 batches... Very good beer and easy to make. We have a lot of fans for this project.
  5. The best pourers for olive oil (personal oil dispensing system -PODS) or wine (personal aqueous dispensing system - PADS) bottles:
      1. do not drip
      2. can drizzle
      3. seal tightly when closed
      4. injectable with nitrogen to reduce oxidation
      5. fit a wide range of bottle necks

Maybe a couple of them will get to Kickstart!

Contact us if you are interested in any of these projects.  We always welcome supporters or beta testers!