Cannabis Keeper

  • Customized 8 oz Mason jar with KIG lid to work with our vacuum pump
  • Cool silicone wrap to keep light & prying eyes out
  • Best way to cure & keep your cannabis good and mold-free
  • Comes with 8gm 62% RH Boveda moisture pack & oxygen absorber to eliminate 400cc of oxygen in 2 liters of air. Assuming the jar is totally empty, you can open/close 8 times before all the oxygen absorbing power is used up. If you vacuum after each time you open, then it would be at least 16 times.  You can always replace the oxygen absorber packages for additional protection.
  • Vacuum to reduce oxygen immediately before oxygen absorber kicks in
  • Cannabis Keeper is also perfect for keeping your stock of oxygen absorbers fresh.
  • Cannabis Keeper is great for keeping beer hops or potency level of heart medicine high until expiration date typically on 28th day.