SUBMERGit (3-pack)

SUBMERGit fermentation weights/headspacers - The best tool for pickling/lacto-fermenting with 100% buyer satisfaction (see feedbacks on eBay). There is nothing like it on the market. Better than them all. Just check the comparison table below. I have done lacto-fermenting for years and I think keeping the vegetables submerged is most important for having successful outcome. In fact, if you can keep them submerged - and doing nothing else - it would be good. I invented SUBMERGit for my own use out of frustration.  Now I am sharing it with the pickling/fermenting fans. Get it, use it and spread the words. Satisfaction guaranteed or full refund!
  • designed for wide mouth Mason jar with build-in spring actions for all types of vegetables
  • keep everything submerged during & after fermentation - no more yucky floating Kahm yeast
  • stackable for more headspace - ideal for making sauerkraut in 64-oz Mason jar without overflow/mess
  • best companion with our KIGlids as seen in the photos
  • durable & long lasting
  • easy & fun for pickling or lacto-fermenting
  • if you do pickling or lacto-fermentation you should have SUBMERGits
  • there are 3 SUBMERGits in this offer for domestic buyers.
  • International buyers will receive:
    •  3 SUBMERGits and 1 KIGlid per order since I don't pay for the shipping or 
    •  6 SUBMERGits and 2 KIGlid for the same shipping cost as one order.
SUBMERGit Jelly Jar Pickle Pebble
Sauer Stone
ViscoDisc Pickle Pusher LITE Kraut Source
Material FG silicone Glass Glass Plastic Silicone/SS Stainless steel
Simple & elegant 1-piece design Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Easy loading (no inserter required) Yes No Yes No No No
Easy removing (no tool required) Yes No No No Yes No
Built-in vertical spring actions Yes No No No No Yes
Stackable for more head space Yes No No No No No
Great for post fermenting storage Yes No No Yes Not so easy No
Works when jar not full of liquid Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
Debries-free Yes ? No No Yes No
Work with straight side jar Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Suitable for canning Yes No No No Yes No
Easy clean up Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Withstands 450F temperature Yes No No No Yes Yes
Reusable Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
FERMENTit 2.0* capable Yes No No No No No
Cost $5 $1 $22-27/4 $14/12 $15.99/3 $35/each setup
* FERMENTit 2.0 is done with our tools where:
  1. fermentation is carried out under vacuum at the onset to:
  • extract air trapped among the vegetables,
  • reduce oxygen in the headspace,
  • create negative pressure in the headspace for better seal until enough CO2 produced by LAB
  • suppress mold growth and
  • give your beneficial lactic acid bacteria (LAB) an advantaged head start,
  1. burping is automatic during fermentation and
  2. after fermentation is completed, the jar can be conveniently moved into cold storage without having to replace its lid.
  3. the fermented vegetables are uncharacteristically and deliciously crunchy.
Why not try something really new in this ancient craft and support an American inventor ? Also, check out my other inventions. Thanks